black salve

Black Salve

Black salve from TWO FEATHERS is a Native American Indian formula over one hundred years old that has been used successfully for cancer, tumors, herpes, diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, allergies, viral diseases, yeast and fungal infections, parasites, Lupus, moles, liver detox, vaginitis, worms and skin cancer. Also used as a powerful preventative remedy and detoxifier, once or twice a year.

Two Feathers Formula is a unique formula that has reached through time, over several hundred years, to meet the needs of an ailing civilization today. It is like a time capsule sent to us from a distant past when knowledge was more of the Spirit than of the intellect. There is a great sincerity and respect for this formula at every stage of its preparation. Those who handle the compound, including myself, feel blessed to be a part of an age-old rite that is indeed very special. Still produced in the original Native American manner, each herb is cured in smoke ovens and mixed in wooden bowls. Metal is never allowed to touch the formula as it would destabilize the electrolysis process provided by the components in the compound.

Dear Friends,

I have often been asked the question, “What makes Two Feathers Formula different than other black salves?”

The formula I have represented for over thirty three years is still manufactured by the same Native American family that has made the formula for over a hundred years. It contains a combination of herbs that are blended, in perfect harmony, in an age old fashion using a curing technique. These herbs and method of formulation make the compound safe to use internally, where 90% of the healing takes place, and can also be applied topically, safely, as a drawing salve. 

“The Greatest Healing Formula ever conceived”
We live in this world by God’s grace and are given in Nature all that we need to achieve good health and long life. But we are living in a time of great disrespect for Nature fostered by scientists who wish to be equal with God. Common sense tells us that it is important to bring our bodies into a state of balance by Natural means, and also to apply this thinking to our world as well. If used properly, this Formula can coax the weakened body into a state of health that it could not achieve by itself.
Robert Roy 2006

I pray daily for God’s Healing and Blessing over this Great Nation which, I believe, has a great Spiritual destiny that has yet to manifest.


Robert Roy
Two Feathers


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Black Salve