Black Salve Benefits

Two Feathers Healing Formula black salve has been found to have the following effects on the human system:

  • Reproduces protein enzymes in system
  • Strengthens enzyme structure
  • Normalizes differentiated cells
  • Responsible for release of negative cells from body by switching electrical frequency
  • Oxygenates all cells
  • Immune system stimulant, i.e. T cells
  • Reorganizes electrical system
  • Enhances oxygen to brain
  • Restores blood parameters to normal
  • Reduces excess fluid in heart, feet, ankles, wrists and lungs
  • Actively restores elimination through skin, urine and feces
  • Stimulates positive systemic nutrients in system
  • Restores equilibrium (homeostasis) to body tissues and fluids
  • Preventative, strongest of all anti-oxidants
  • Transdermal poultice effect immediate, within five seconds
  • Decreases all malignancies promptly
  • Works on twelve hour cycle, most effective when taken once daily preferably in the morning
  • Reduces mycosis in system
  • Ancient American Indian formula that eliminates degenerative diseases of modern civilization (pollution of food, air and water) despite modern technology

black salve benefits


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