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* To order from within or outside the U.S. call: (775) 324-4889

Black Salve Price and Shipping Information

Two Feathers Healing Formula – Oral and Topical Paste
$139.95 for a 44 gram jar – (shipping charge included)
* Add $27.50 or more depending on size for Overnight Shipping within the U.S.
* Add $45.00-$65.00 for Express Shipping to Canada depending on size.
* add $45.00-$80.00 for Express Shipping to Europe and Asia depending on size.
* Wholesale prices available.
* Special shipping rates are same as above.

Absolutely NO REFUNDS for open or used jars!

There is a TWENTY-FIVE DOLLAR ($25.00) per jar charge for unopened jars returned within a forty five-day period from date of purchase.

Methods Of Payment

~U.S. Currency only~
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.
Also, money orders only.  (Sorry, no checks or COD)

Please mail to:

Two Feathers, llc
P.O. Box 8033
Reno, NV 89507-8033, USA

PLEASE NOTE: The distributors and producers of Two Feathers Healing Formula do not make any claims for the effectiveness of the product, nor do they recommend any particular usage. The choice of process used in the various forms of application or ingestion of Two Feathers products is the sole responsibility of the customer. In some cases scarring may occur with topical use and the distributor or manufacture cannot be responsible, as outcome will vary with individuals and methods of applications.

Two Feathers products are offered as nutrient systemic and skin care aids, not medicine. Users of the product should be aware that any use of alcohol while taking the compound orally will nullify it’s effectiveness and may cause stomach distress. Two Feathers Healing Formula should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers and should be kept out out of reach of young children. Two Feathers Healing Formula has a long shelf life when kept sealed, unopened, at room temperature and should NOT be refrigerated. Please use a toothpick or plastic utensil to handle salve. Metal should not touch the compound. Furthermore, Two Feathers encourages Holistic Physician consultation for diagnostic determinations. Absolutely NO REFUNDS for open or used jars. There is a TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR ($25.00) per jar charge for unopened jars returned within a forty five day period from date of purchase.

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Buy Black Salve